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How Tall is Brittney Griner? The Incredible Height of the WNBA Star

Brittney Griner is one of the most dominant forces in women’s basketball today. Standing at an astounding 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m), Griner towers over most of her opponents on the court. Her immense size and length give her a huge advantage when it comes to rebounding, blocking shots, and scoring in the paint. But just how tall is Brittney Griner exactly? And what has allowed her to find such success at her towering height? Let’s take a deeper look.

Brittney Griner’s Officially Recorded Height

Griner’s official height that is listed by the WNBA is 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m). This makes her one of the tallest players in the WNBA by a wide margin. For reference, the average height of a WNBA player is around 6 feet. So at over 8 inches taller than average, Griner is truly a giant when compared to her peers.

However, some sources have claimed that Griner may be slightly taller than the listed 6’8. During her time at Baylor University, she was measured as high as 6’9 without shoes. And with basketball shoes adding an inch or two, it’s possible Griner touches 7 feet on the court. Regardless of potential fractional height differences though, one thing is for certain – Brittney Griner is exceptionally tall for a female basketball player.

So how did Griner get to be so tall? Her incredible stature is likely due to a combination of genetics from her parents (both were also above average height) as well as other natural biological factors. Griner’s immense size was already evident from a young age – she was reportedly already over 6 feet tall by her freshman year of high school. Her towering frame has always been part of what has made Griner such an ultra-dominant force in the sport.

Griner’s Height Helps Her Excel in Basketball

Griner’s incredible height and length give her several athletic advantages that have helped make her a star in the WNBA. Here are some of the key ways her stature impacts her basketball game:

Rebounding – At 6’8, Griner has an enormous wingspan that allows her to outjump and outreach virtually every other player for rebounds on both ends of the floor. She has led the WNBA in rebounding multiple times.

Shot Blocking – With her ability to literally look over shooters, Griner sees shots developing before they happen. She uses her length to swat away numerous attempts in the paint and has routinely topped the league in blocks.

Scoring in the Post – When she gets position in the low post, there is almost no one who can contest Griner’s shot. She can simply shoot over the outstretched arms of defenders from point blank range.

Catch Radius – When receiving passes in the post or on pick-and-roll plays, Griner has an enormous strike zone due to her extended height and arm length. It makes her an easy target for feeds.

Developing Skills – Though she still has room for growth, Griner’s ball-handling, shooting touch, and footwork have improved immensely over the years for a player of her size. She isn’t just relying on height alone.

So while her frame may intimidate and overwhelm opponents, Brittney Griner’s natural abilities have been nurtured through diligent work. Her combination of size, athleticism, and skill have fueled her Hall of Fame worthy career in the WNBA thus far.

Challenges of Being Extraordinarily Tall

Of course, Griner’s great height also presents some challenges both on and off the court. Here are a few potential disadvantages she may face due to her stature:

Joint Stress & Injury Risk – Griner’s weight and frame put more pressure on her knees, ankles, and other joints with each movement. She is prone to overuse issues like patellar tendinitis if not managed carefully.

Harder to Build Quickness – Though she moves very well for her size, Griner will never have the kind of swift lateral quickness that shorter, smaller players do. Size prevents that kind of explosiveness.

Coordination Adjustments – Tiny adjustments in balance, hand-eye coordination etc. are harder due to her longer limbs. Griner has worked to refine her coordination over the years.

Social Isolation – As an exceptionally tall female, Griner may have felt self-conscious or isolated growing up. Overcoming that likely required confidence in her extraordinary skills on the court.

Logistical Challenges – Finding clothes, shoes, vehicles, etc. designed for someone her size means custom solutions are often needed in everyday life.

So being a giant among her peers is a double-edged sword. While height gifts abilities on the court, exceptional stature also necessitates overcoming certain physical and social limitations off of it. Griner has clearly risen to every challenge thus far though.

The Future is Bright for Brittney Griner

Now 31 years old, Griner continues to put up impressive numbers for the Phoenix Mercury in 2022 and remains one of the WNBA’s biggest stars. Over her 9-year career so far, she has been selected to 7 All-Star teams, earned 4 Defensive Player of the Year awards, won a championship, and has put up over 6,000 career points and 1,500 rebounds. These terrific accomplishments underscore how she has maximized her natural tools to become a true icon of the league.

Griner also added Olympic gold medals to her international resume in 2016 and 2021, further emphasizing her place amongst the game’s all-time greats. Assuming she is able to continue avoiding major injuries, there is a good chance Griner extends her records and all-time rankings even further before calling it a career. Her towering height has opened many doors for success – ones that Griner continues to walk through with tremendous skill and determination. There is no doubt that Brittney Griner’s exceptional stature and abilities have cemented her status as a true giant in the world of women’s basketball.

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