how tall is Shaquille O’Neal – Height, Weight, Skin Tone, and More 

Blog Introduction: Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. Whether you know him as “Shaq” or just “The Diesel,” there’s no denying that this 7-foot-tall athlete made an indelible mark on the game. But how tall is he? What weight does he have? What skin tone does he possess? How rich is he? And what’s his marital status? Let’s dive into the facts about this legendary figure. 

Shaquille O’Neal

Height & Weight:

Shaq stands at 7 feet 1 inch (2.16 meters) tall and weighs 325 lbs (147 kg). He has a massive size 22 shoe size and wears a clothes size XXL or 2XL. His arm length measures 34 inches while his wingspan is 8 feet 0 inches (2.44m). 

Skin Tone:

Shaq’s skin tone can be classified as light brown or dark beige on the Fitzpatrick Scale, which means his skin type is Type III. This type of skin coloration means that it burns easily but tans well with moderate protection from the sun. 

Wealth & Marital Status:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shaq has a total net worth of $400 million dollars. As for his marital status, Shaq married Shaunie Nelson in 2002 and they had four children together before divorcing in 2011. In 2018, Shaq married Laticia Rolle and they are still happily married today! 


Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most recognizable figures in professional basketball history – not only because of his incredible skills on the court but also due to his larger-than-life personality off it! From his unbelievable height to his wealth and marital status, we now know more about this beloved athlete than ever before! With all these details now laid out clearly, we hope you’ve gained an even greater appreciation for Shaq and all that he’s achieved throughout his career!

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